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While using of subliminal sexual embeds makes sense in advertising and all that concerns selling products, it's hard to comprehend their presence without getting into various conspiracy theories in places like products intended for kids. Some people try to rationalize it as artists pranks, is that so?

Click images for highlights.

HorĂ¡cio comic by Mauricio de Sousa
As you can see, the mountains have a shape of a reclining naked woman.

New X-Men Comic vol #118
Larger image

Larger image

Larger image

Larger image

Larger image

Larger image

Larger image

Larger image


Not so subtle, not so aproppriate

Clone High series, "Raisin the Stakes" episode.
Clone High sex
Click the image for animated gif or watch video around 5:16 

Soviet cartoon The Flying Ship (1979):
Watch video from 7:27

Barbie Mermaid Tale 2

Since the moment that Kylie turns into a mermaid the letters S and E can be clearly seen on her thighs, while the letter X is not very pronounced. In the final scene, after the viewer got used to their presence, the X finally appears beyond a reasonable doubt.

Doesn't Cloyster Pokemon remind you something?

The skyscraper's lights spell the word SEX. I've also heard that the game is full of sexual images :

The Street Fighter EX logo also renders the magical word.

street fighter sexFinal Fantasy VIII. His arm has rather a phallic form.

Phallic object in Mario Kart Double Dash
 Watch video

Lands of Lore 2

GTA 2. 
Graffiti stylized SEX sits there in plain sight.

subliminal little mermaid erection

The priest in the wedding scene seems very excited. Disney claimed that's it's his knee moving underneath the robe, but nevertheless in the 2006 DVD release it was edited out. 

subliminal little mermaid erection
Click here to watch video

Oh no, not again.


The image of a topless woman appears twice in non-consecutive frames during a scene in the Rescuers. The two images could not be seen in ordinary viewing because the film runs too fast — at 30 frames per second on video.
subliminal rescuers
Click here to watch video.


A 4 frames sequence from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Maleficent (2014)
click for a highlight

Dust particles spell sex in Lion King
subliminal lion king
Click here to watch video.

In fact, besides promoting occultism, materialism, violence, promiscuity and pedophilia Disney have been doing this subliminal manipulation from the very beginning. Just look at the following images taken from the 1920s Alice shorts.

Here little Alice played by Virginia Davis is seductively stroking her genitals in front of Walt sitting at his table:

And here she gets...Well...Anal probed?

In this snapshot you can see the word SEXY on her dress.

In this image Alice is holding a pink toy for adults.

 If you think that this claim is too far-fetched check out the following image. Can you make out a hidden penis in this one?

hidden penis

Watch how easy it is to embed subliminal sexual imagery into illustrations:

Watch another one

The same trick is implemented here.

Another example of early subliminal messages: 

Now look at a picture from "Windows to Color" board book for toddlers made by a division of the Walt Disney Company - Baby Einstein. Out of all numbers in the world they picked the one which represents position for simultaneous oral sex. Note that this is not the original number of the truck, it was doctored. How do I know it? Look at the number plate: it's inverted, as well as the letters on the door, which means that the image was flipped and the number 69 was added to the truck afterward.
This is not the only sexual reference I found in this book. For example on the same page there's an image of a rose and on its left petal appears the word sex. It's not visible in the scanned image so I don't post it here. Another thing is the painting by Georgia O'Keeffe - an artist known for painting symbolical vaginal imagery.

Here's another 69 on a toddlers shirt:

Ok, here's another genius design from Disney:

Ape spanking the monkey in Disneyland:

Way to go kiddo! 
 mickey balls kick

What do Disney have to say about that? They've got some utterly pathetic excuses.
Watch video:

Well, at least recently they started doing it openly ;)

Some more screenshots.

Cinderella Anal Beads

Mickey and the Beanstalk. Click the image to see animation or watch video around 5:00

Donald Duck: Wide Open Spaces 1947

This is a real scene from Ren and Stimpy that I saw myself on TV as a teen.

Watch video


Happy feet:
happy feet sex



 Please don't tell me that the nose shape is an innocent coincidence...

Or maybe you think that MR. NO from Tiger Mask is an innocent coincidence?

How about this innocent shape in a second grade reading book?

Snow White Pez dispenser:
Watch Video demonstration

The Punisher shape shifter
Watch the video:


Try Me!

This toothbrush came in a box of Frosted Flakes. And they want children to put this in their mouths?

Watch video demonstration

2 balls included

Notice her right hand

This is supposed to be a horse from a children's animal set.


Watch video demonstration

Is it the thing in his hand that squirts up to 25 feet?

Notice the adoring impression of the woman gazing at his big red...boot.

Watch video


In the following picture some letters have a star on them, if you read only the starred letters you 
 get UR MR GAY

I admit that some examples here could be accidental, but could all of them be?

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Anonymous said...

Wow some of this stuff is great,I was shocked by the need for speed game I played that one alot when I was younger and it disturbed me to find out theres lot of subliminals in there.I might play it again and see if I can spot them!

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind me saying, the vast majority of this is the product of an sex-mad mind constantly on the lookout for sexual imagery where there isn't any. Pointing to a phallus-shaped object and saying 'that looks like a penis' is simply infantile. And seeing 666 in a spiral - it's a SPIRAL, mate! You doodled them as a kid too. Now grow up.

Triplexity said...

Right, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but not this time. Check out:

Is it the product of my dirty sex-mad mind again?
Ok, let's assume that "the vast majority of this" is not intentional, how about the small minority then? Is that not enough for you to see that someone's fncking with you? Right... Designers' pranks... Sure.

Re: spirals - you saw the coiled snake and the spiral pendant (just to remind you that not always spiral is just a spiral).

It could be that some examples here are accidental, but could all of them be?

Anonymous said...

If even one is NOT accidental, then questions need to be asked anyway.

Anonymous said...

what ever doubt you have, the simmilarities are impossible to ignore.

it could be mind control or it could simply be fun for the people who produce these things.

the subconcious mind does absorb more than we think, so AWARENESS is the key and DIRECT EXPERIENCE!

Anonymous said...

I wish people could open their eyes to what is going on around them...I agree, some might be accidental, but how can someone deny what is right in their face?
Not only this, but i saw the behavior of most children nowadays, simply shocking...My little cousin for example, who is only 6, plays a lot of computer games, watches a lot of tv, and he spends a lot of time on the internet. No wonder that sometimes he lets u pretty shocked with what he says (seeing not really appropriate commercials or ads. on kids! game pages, there was one time he said "don't take away the boobies", as referring to the ad. Funny some would say..but I don't think so...) It's KIDS we're talking about after all..

Anonymous said...

the spiral could be coming from a Reiki symbol, called Cho Ku Rei. Which means "put the power here".

What do you think about this

Anonymous said...

hehehehe found alooot more in NFS underground 2, the hubcap reads LIES in the center, the wolkswagen golf reads: seduce, on the right of the purplish gold, and a little girley (no offence) golf is a woman looking seductive... just download a higher scan of it... ps this was released when girls started to really say they liked racing games and gaming companies wanted to get the girls envolved in gaming/wanted to sell to a broader audience! coincidence?????

Anonymous said...

also the red car says sex with the E at the end s first then x

Anonymous said...

well.. what do you have to say about the background of your own page ??!

Triplexity said...

What do you see there?

Anonymous said...

The spiral was also heavily used in the game Super mario world 2 on the snes which had a graphic style that looked like a childs painting

Anonymous said...

@Triplexity : well .. words like Consume, Obey, Sex ..
So is this site also contributing in subliminal manipulation? :)

Triplexity said...

There's no Consume, Sex and Obey on the background. It's only your filthy mind playing tricks with you.

Just kidding. Of course there are. It's an illustration of the topic, just like the site's header. Although subtle, these words are clearly obvious and observable on the conscious level. Therefore they are not subliminal.

Anonymous said...

But at first I didnt notice them .. infact nobody did cz im the first one to write about it!
And I was only able to see it when I changed the angle of my laptop screen so YES it is subliminal cz these type of "hidden" messages do affect us without us knowing :P

Anonymous said...

Subliminal Messages and Pedophilia - by Jonathan

first of all I want to thank you for your great efforts to spread the truth. I really enjoyed your great "religion" compilation.

I have come across a video that seems to be from Jonathan, which was one of his five last released videos, before they all went offline:

It is possible that Jonathan went through some inner conflict, maybe caused by demons, before he disappeared from the internet. I know that there have been some attempts to discredit his teachings, especially by some fools trying to imitate him.

Anyway, our faith lies now in ourselves and the Creator. Wish you the best and much luck and success on your path.


B said...

Thank you for opening my mind to subliminal messaging and advertising. This stuff is almost unbelievable it is so blatant. One thing I will say about Disney- As disturbing as the hidden messages and symbols are, the really threatening things are the themes and mentalities promoted in their films. The dualistic themes and western lifestyle affirmations are what hi-jack kids brains from an early age.It is more innocuous and hard to pin down, but 10X more damaging and effective IMO.

Anonymous said...

The penis unicorn is marketed as a novelty toy for adults. It's a "Peni-corn" and says so on the tag! Not subliminal. Just adult humor.

The Blog Owner said...

Thanks for the info. The unicorn doesn't belong here then. I removed it.

Anonymous said...

then, how can we counteract this hypnotism?

Anonymous said...

your mind is in a relaxed alpha state while reading and relaxing ie in front of the TV so I also don't appreciate the extra dose of subliminals on your page...please be responsible and remove them.

Anonymous said...

at the very least change the wording to give people some control back...and stop being a part of the problem...

Unknown said...

Found this photos and still cannot believe that this banana advertisement is real. OMG!

bel83 said...

its great to see people raising awareness on this filth. Can you recommend some clean innocent cartoons for our children? or are they all corrupt? Also, my daughter watches mickey mouse all the time. Are even the new episodes full of this junk?

Unknown said...

its 2013 and people still believe this stuff

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