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Phallic symbols and sexual references are very prevalent in logo design. People usually regard such logos as a mistake, accident, or bad design and make fun of their "stupid" creators, but again, folks, this is all intentional and carefully premeditated.



The "Strong Cone" brand.






Druker Company's logo

DICK Clark

Finally it burst:




The inscription in Hebrew says "special treatment and education".  
As you can see, this touching logo implies a quite special treatment to their students...


The flaming match can be perceived as a vagina with clitoris when turned upside-down:


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Kudawara Pharmacy

The Kappa logo. Click image.

French Connection UK

Instituto de Estudos Orientais

The slogan means "insert (implant) with guarantee"

The word "virgin" has a sexual connotation by itself, but to make sure you won't miss it they also hid the word "sex" within the logo design. Click the image if you don't see it.
virgin subliminal sex
It's much more evident in the Chicago White Sox logo:

This one was purchased by the Office of Government Commerce, a department of Her Majesty’s Treasury in England, for 28000$OGC masturbation
Tool's early logo

I admit that some examples here could be accidental, but could all of them be?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

milka snax or milka sex?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

wow just by this web site i have learnt so much thank you, i am only young, but i think that something like this should be told some of them are really bad and i think that every one should know what they are really doing

Anonymous said...

Very insightful, you're helping me see. People need to know this to understand how we are being manipulated. Thank you for making this available!

Anonymous said...

what about the subliminals being put out by the networks? between the shows, and between the there is something to talk about!

Anonymous said...

do you claim that all these symbols are intended for such a thing??

,any of thise trademarks makers are even not having a same point of view or philosophy??!!

some of the symbols you've shown earlier are mosques which they're places for muslims to do their prayers?!

do you think they're belong to illuminati??

Anonymous said...

Fuck ya if u wana kno about the illuminati go tube an type in on one rule one bloodline one world.... Or sumthin like tht its ben a while sence I've seen it also type in illuminati backwards on ur "url" or search engine an see where it takes u

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