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Subliminals in Politics

The word SEX is frequently hidden in political propaganda, advertisements, and television and motion-picture frames. The simple three-letter symbol, usually invisible to consciousness, appears instantly perceivable at the unconscious level.
In the 1976 congressional election campaigns in Virginia's 10th District, SEX embeds were discovered in the campaign literature of all candidates except one who could not afford to hire an advertising agency. When a charge was made against the use of subliminal devices in campaign literature, the press around the Washington area generally rallied to the support of the candidates who had used the advertising agencies. Everyone was aghast at the audacious charge one newspaper referred to as a "sex hoax" campaign gimmick. Though many Virginia journalists privately admitted they could clearly perceive the embeds, they still claimed in print the whole idea of subliminal perception being used in an election campaign far too bizarre to be plausible. Yet these embedding techniques have been used in every political campaign of any magnitude in the United States and Canada for at least fifty years, if not much, much longer. SEX embeds can even be designed into campaign buttons.

 Subliminal manipulation is often used to increase suggestibility of the audience.  Bill Gates in his presentation on energy  used the following sequence of letters. Needless to say, it was not chosen arbitrary.

This photo of George W. Bush has a multiply words "sex" and "obey" embedded subliminally on his face:

The words KILL, PAIN, and FEAR are usually reserved for hostile political leaders. For example on this notorious Time magazine cover from 12.21.1981 the colonel Gaddafi has "SEX" and "KILL" written on his face.

gaddafi sex kill

After the ZooTV negative words started appearing on the face of the U2 band leader - Bono.

Most of the major pop artists are merely tools promoting someone's else agenda, whether they know it or not. They don't write their music, or their lyrics, or select their songs - someone else does it for them. And since the folks whose agenda is being promoted here are also in charge of the entertainment industry they give it the necessary push to get it to the top. Think of the current number 1 hit, movie or book. Is it really that good? Most likely somebody's just trying to spread his message to the masses. We all have seen what happens when a successful artist starts using his music to highlight important political issues, like Bono with his Zoo TV or Michael Jackson with his "They don't care about us" and other eco protest songs.

Subliminal sex embeds can be found in the pictures of the British conspiracist David Icke.

Rik Clay, a young conspiracies researcher (RIP) also has subliminal sex embeds in his images.
rik clay sex

The famous "RATS" subliminal message that was used in Bush campaign in the 2000 election. It was flashed over a Gore prescription drug proposal. The excuse was that "RATS" it's just a part of the word "BUREAUCRATS". Click the image to watch video.

Now, dear reader, you have to understand that the word RATS was supposed to be noticed. The only purpose of it was to create an impression of real fight where Democrats and Republicans pull dirty tricks on each other. In reality, Bush and Al Gore represent the same entity and have the same force standing behind them. They are just different masks on the same face that give you an illusion of choice. No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in. So in 2004 campaign Bush seemingly was "fighting" Kerry but in fact, both belong to a satanic secret society "Skull and Bones". Watch the video where they both admit it.

US presidential elections, 2008. The Republican candidate John McCain popped up behind logo alongside his wife Cindy during opening theme in Fox news.

 France, presidential elections, 1988. Subliminal picture of President François Mitterrand appeared for several consecutive days in the title sequence of French national television daily news show.

The 2000 elections in Spain.  As soon as the leader of  People's Party (PP) appears on the screen the TV station logo is replaced with the inscription "Màs PP," (Most People's Party), while in the background appear words' pension ',' employment ',' health ',' progress', 'Europe', 'education', etc. Not so subtle but quite manipulative nevertheless.

During the 1986 World Cup right after the Spanish national team scored a  goal and enthusiasm of the fans was at the peak  the abbreviation PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party) appeared for an instant.

Here's an attempt to portray Obama in the media as some kind of saint or savior:


Anonymous said...

I found a sex sublime in an episode of hehe star gate sg-1!! season 2 episode 5 need, the princess wears her crown strangely sideways, pausing it it clearly reads sex in her forehead! LOL but i must admit.... disney are the worst, but had no idea it was everywhere..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say this, but you are unfortunatelly wrong ...
I was wondering where did you get the photos of the spanish "politician" from? I found it useful for my thesis, so I decided to investigate a little bit and I've found out that this guy is not a leader of the party, he's not even a politician. He's a journalist working for tve1 and his name is Alfredo Urdaci. I'm afraid that your hypothesis is doubtful. however, I still think it is manipulative from the point of subjective media and that is why I really need to find the source of these pictures. YT? Any hint?

Anonymous said...

Who said that this guy is a leader of the party?

Anonymous said...

"The 2000 elections in Spain. As soon as the leader of People's Party (PP) appears on the screen the TV station logo is replaced with the inscription Màs PP (...) " - it is written above the pictures?

Anonymous said...

The leader appeared in the picture behind Alfredo Urdaci.

Anonymous said...

(lots of love)
:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

are you delusional? you suffer from pariedolia, hun, you need to be checked out

bermuda said...

So, i am someone who've watched almost all the american top movies,animations bla,bla and stuff ; neither do i love mcdonalds nor fond of any american presidents, most of the popular music and i an immune to this? or what? mayble i am a normal, educated person who knows the effects of the advertisements but also knows subliminal manipulation is just a paranoia of a confused man. i do know that politics are full of sh.t and hollywood too. but if you are really searching for answers keep looking in an expended view and not stuck in paranoia and even try to spread the paranoia. all we need is to educate ourselves, our children, not a paranoiac public on is important where you lead people. maybe you are up to this.i mean maybe you try to create a paranoiac cuntary. are you working for drug companies...ha ha see what you have done. you made me a paranoiac...ha ha you shoudl keep it calm man and find the real truth...

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